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Scholarship for Medical Students

The Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship aims to support passionate and dedicated medical students who demonstrate a commitment to providing compassionate, patient-centered healthcare. Established in 2023, this $1,000 scholarship commemorates the life and career of Dr. John Fortuna, a pioneering chiropractor and healthcare business owner who spent over 20 years serving his community in Ohio. By awarding this scholarship essay contest annually, we hope to empower a medical student who shares Dr. Fortuna’s values of empathy, integrity, and service to carry on his legacy of caring for others. If you are a hardworking student devoted to delivering exceptional and understanding healthcare, we encourage you to apply for the Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship.

Who is it for?

The Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship welcomes applications from students currently enrolled in an accredited medical school within the United States. Eligible programs encompass MD, DO, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine), and OD (Doctor of Optometry) degrees. This scholarship places particular importance on assisting upcoming graduates pursuing DO, DC, ND, and OD degrees who might encounter additional financial obstacles. Applicants must maintain good academic standing and showcase financial need. Preference will be given to students from Ohio or those who attended Cleveland State University, mirroring Dr. Fortuna's undergraduate path. The ideal candidates will demonstrate exceptional compassion, dedication, and a commitment to patient-centered, holistic care.

Dr. John Fortuna

A dedicated chiropractor with a passion for transforming lives.

Dr. John Fortuna is an accomplished chiropractor and healthcare entrepreneur with over 20 years of service to communities in Ohio. Born in Cleveland in 1973, Dr. Fortuna attended Cleveland State University and Life University College of Chiropractic. In 1999, he helped pioneer the legalization of chiropractic care in El Salvador.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Fortuna has owned and operated over five thriving chiropractic clinics treating thousands of patients across Ohio. His specializations include manipulation under anesthesia, spinal rehabilitation, and whiplash/accident injury treatment.

In 2012, Dr. Fortuna became the Director of Chiropractic at St. Vincent Charity Hospital where he currently works to integrate holistic chiropractic care into conventional medical settings. He also remains an active leader in professional chiropractic associations at both state and national levels.

Regarded by his patients as a caring, generous, and extremely skilled doctor, Dr. Fortuna hopes to further his mission of making compassionate, patient-centered healthcare accessible through this scholarship bearing his name. The scholarship was founded by his family, friends, patients and professional associates.

Learn About The Scholarship

The Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship is a $1,000 award given annually to one exemplary medical student who shares Dr. Fortuna’s commitment to compassionate, patient-centered healthcare. The scholarship is merit-based and will be awarded to the applicant who best demonstrates academic excellence, financial need, and devotion to delivering empathetic and understanding medical care.

To apply, students must submit a 500-1000 word essay addressing the following prompt: “How will you incorporate empathy, integrity, and patient-centered care into your future medical practice?” Essays will be reviewed by a committee made up of the Fortuna family, doctors and clinic staff who worked closely with Dr. Fortuna, and healthcare industry leaders.

The scholarship winner will exhibit strong academic performance, professional promise, and passion for improving lives through caring and attentive medical care. The award money is intended to help the recipient with the cost of medical school tuition and expenses.

Earn Money Toward Your Education

Pursuing a medical degree requires great dedication, effort, and resources. We understand the financial burden faced by many talented, promising students and hope to alleviate it through the Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship. This $1,000 award presents a meaningful opportunity to earn funding toward your medical school costs.

If you share Dr. Fortuna’s passion for patient-centered care and holistic healing approaches, we encourage you to apply for the Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship today. Describe your vision for integrating empathy, integrity and compassion into your future medical practice. How will you honor the whole patient while also healing the body?

Outstanding medical students who demonstrate financial need and commitment to service are ideal candidates. Use your unique skills, perspectives, and life experience to share your personal understanding of patient-centered care.

The Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship offers more than just tuition assistance. It connects you to a community that believes deeply in humanizing medicine through supportive doctors who lead with kindness. We can’t wait to hear your story.

The Dr. John Fortuna Scholarship: Empowering the next generation of compassionate healers

The Dr. Fortuna Foundation provides scholarships and grants to support and empower future doctors committed to compassion, integrity and patient-centered care. We believe in humanizing healthcare by recognizing the whole patient.


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